The 133rd canton fair,Welcome to the fair.

We will participate in the 133rd Canton Fair from April 23 to 27, 2023. Booth number: 11.2J19. Welcome to the fair.
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Material composition of conference room seats

Here is a brief introduction to the material composition of the conference room seats, hoping to help you.1. Back sponge: adopts national standard excellent cold foaming foam; with high resilience and super soft characteristics; density is 45Kg/m32. Seat
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What principles should be paid attention to in school theater design?

There are more and more small theaters built for schools and communities. Although they also contain the same theater architectural elements from a microscopic point of view, they are very different in scale. Many specific issues raised by them are worth
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Things to pay attention to when purchasing theater chairs

Nowadays, the development trend of theater chairs in the market presents a thriving scene. However, when you go to purchase a batch of auditorium chairs, which aspects will you pay attention to? Here is a brief introduction for you to pay attention to whe
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