Things to pay attention to when purchasing theater chairs

Nowadays, the development trend of theater chairs in the market presents a thriving scene. However, when you go to purchase a batch of auditorium chairs, which aspects will you pay attention to? Here is a brief introduction for you to pay attention to when purchasing theater chairs:

First of all, when purchasing, don't just think that the price is cheap. The saying that cheap is not good is not totally unreasonable. When the price difference of the same thing is relatively large, we have every reason to doubt whether the quality of other things can be guaranteed. Many accessories may look the same, but the actual quality difference is relatively large, which ultimately leads to a greatly reduced service life of theater chairs. Bring unnecessary trouble to our work. Poor quality theater chairs may lose their accessories after a year or a half of use, but good ones can be used for several years without any problem.

When purchasing, you should understand the plates and steel plates used for theater chairs, and you can even request a formal inspection report. Qualified panels are a necessary guarantee for a standard theater chair, and different quality panels will also lead to differences in the final price.

When installing, pay attention to the sealing edge of the theater chair, to see if the sealing edge is smooth, whether there is degumming or looseness. The quality of the edge banding will eventually affect the ultimate service life of a theater chair. Pay attention to the quality of the accessories of the selected theater chair cabinet, the accessories must also be selected, and the good accessories can last longer. Choice of fabric. Theater chair fabrics can be said to be the most expensive part of theater chairs, and this part is also where you need to pay the most attention. The same fabrics are of poor quality, which may cause pilling after a little friction, which will affect your use.

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